Stop Silent Sight Loss. Now.

Did you know having a family history of Glaucoma makes you four times more likely to lose some of your eyesight?
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By the time Glaucoma is diagnosed, usually 25% of sight loss has occurred silently and is irreversible. Yes, irreversible!

ikey® was invented to detect & alert silent sight loss. Upload images of your eyes, press to ikey® and within a few seconds, the ikey® patented A.I. software analyses your optic nerves. If ikey® detects changes in your optic nerves, it will alert and advise you to secure an expert eye examination. Ikey® has a 91% chance of detecting a change on your optic nerve, one of the earliest signs of silent Glaucoma. Two sets of fundus (back of your eye) images are required to complete the ikey® analysis and deliver a change detection result.

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