Why Lose Sight? When You Could Save It.

ikey® gives you the power to start managing your eye health in the same way as you count your steps and check your blood pressure using your smart health apps.
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How many of us know we have the potential to lose our sight? How many of us really care?

How many of us know we have the potential to lose our sight? How many of us know that while we continue to see perfectly, areas of our sight (our visual field) are being stolen, silently, by treatable conditions such as Glaucoma? How many of us really care, when our eyes do what we need them to do every day. Until they don’t!
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If ikey® detects a change in the unique pattern on your optic nerve, it will alert you and advise you to go for an expert eye exam. Ikey® has a 91% chance of detecting a change in this pattern, one of the earliest signs of silent Glaucoma.

How does it work? Here’s the techy bit which we’ve kept as simple as possible.
Everyone is born with a unique pattern on their optic nerve. Working with fundus eye images, the ikey® patented disruptive A.I. software detects silent sight threatening changes on the optic nerve. ikey® was invented to use the unique pattern on the optic nerve as a biometric and through its analysis can halt the preventable loss of sight as it alerts to changes found on this unique biometric pattern. ikey® can automatically compare any new images in the future against your baseline images to detect your own unique optic nerve pattern.

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